School Announcements

November 1, 2019

Hello North School!
These are your weekly announcements:

Good Morning North School Lions. ROARRRRR – This week has been fantastic.  Thank you for participating in Red Ribbon Week.  It has been fun to watch people come in their pajamas, have crazy hair, sport their teams, share their Halloween costumes and go back in the past!!

As you heard, today is the District Spelling Bee.  Thank you Dr. Sabharwal and Mrs. Enriquez for encouraging all students to participate in the Bee, today, we hope to make you proud!

Mrs. Harvey is looking for a new year book cover for the 2019-2020 school year!  Please use your creativity to create the 2019-2020 year book cover.  The contest ends Nov. 22nd.  The theme is “To Infinity and Beyond.”  The cover must include North School Lions 2019-2020.  It must have the words, “To Infinity and Beyond.” The cover must Have a Galaxy Theme.  There is a free yearbook to winner.

HAT’s OFF to the student volunteers in the cafeteria.  You help to make our cafeteria clean and welcoming.  Keep helping us, we appreciate you!!

 A few reminders.  If you ride your bike or a scooter, it is the law that you must wear a helmet.  If you do not have a helmet, you cannot ride your bike or scooter to school.  Please come to the office and talk to someone about obtaining a helmet.  

Did you know that reading is the top skill for the 21st century?  It is what we, as students, need to do every night.  

Here’s our weekly “shout out”!!! Mr. Allen, Mr. Pribble, and Mrs. Nunez, thank you for announcing the line-up areas for students and making sure the cafeteria was in order for the parade.  Thank you to all staff members for working with us helping to make the Halloween parade a success.  As parents walked out of the gate, after taking pictures, they complimented the parade and thanked everyone.  Your time, patience and efforts do not go unnoticed!

Quote of the week: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin